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CVL Drums is able to supply from raw shell to finished shell with lugs and components. We choose with you the wood depending on your needs, finish and tension system between stell hoops, CVL hoops, BD hoops with claws or rope. Sound but also design.... because you can customize also colours and all spare parts.

CVL Drums assure also traceability product if you need to add drums to your band, after years. In this way, you have not to change all drums if you broke one shell or if you want to add new people to your band.

CVL Drums also can supply natural wood made in Italy. All heads are made with natural process without dangerous component. The working come from past and was achieved after long studies of old hand made working


- wood available: ash, birch, beech, maple

- Sizes: custom sizes

- Chrome, black or vintage hardware

- lighter shells 4,5mm + re rings

- drums support with clip for belt

- All finishes available

- Remo, evans or natural heads

- triple flange 2,3mm metal hoops

- BD hoops with claws

- Wooden hoops CVL

- rope tuning system

- Batter head or batter and reso heads

- custom working upon request


Developed and tested shells for this set to achieve the travel comfort with a high sound quality.

All shells can put inside the bass drum thanks to a particular easy open/close system.

Not only shells; the set is available with also the new mat and fade finishes, created to have a high sound quality and power.

A set that connects design and easyness at same time.


10" x 8"

14" x 9,5"

20" x 18"

14" x 5"



- Chrome Hardware

- triple flange 2,3 mm hoops

- joint system male and female groove to keep same thickness

- Type of wood: ash or maple

- Lighter shell 4,5mm + re rings

- Remo or Evans head- custom bag available

- all mat finishes available

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