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1. Environmental


we use varnishes and glues with 0% or low formaldehyde and dangerous elements content

4. Customer care and warranty


not only 2 years warranty like European regulation but 5 years that cover all shell production defaults, in order to assure the quality

2. Respect of forests


some CVL wood types have certificate of provenience. We work wood that come from controlled zone where regrowing is under control and wood commerce is not connected to criminal businesses

5. Product traceability


CVL compiles a certificate that assure the correct working process, the quality and the originality of product. This certificate resume the story of instrument, so CVL is able to rebuild a shell with same sound and finish features

3. Made in Italy value


CVL look for 100% components made in Italy under Italian rules and warrants that at moment 90% of product value is Made in Italy

6. Quality


CVL is a company quality certified ISO 9001:  this system required controls at receipt, test, process defined and controlled and the high quality level stardardization. From 2019 CVL  starts a lean production process in order to improve processes and workers work life.



CVL Drums is not only a product ... but a lifestyle choice


CVL uses 100% quality A selection of wood outside and inside the shell.


CVL was able to develop a particular technology, completely different from standard building techniques of plywood shells building for drums.

Besides the design and the experience in the field of wood, CVL is able to build directly in its factory the machineries needed for construction of wooden drum shells.

If the conventional technologies obtain cylinders that have material discontinuity in radial direction than in circumferential, with CVL technology the cylinder has a good uniformity, with a lower concentration of tensions training of the cylinder, which allows CVL to avoid ovalization of the shell and not to use reinforcement rings.


No wrap or covering

CVL uses very elastic lacquer/varnish to leave the maximum vibration of the wood and to ensure the long life of the finishes

A working-process made completely by hand by skilled workers, that are able to apply many thin layers of lacquer/varnish without defects, leaving the best smooth surface.

Traceability code

Woods, glues, varnishes must pass strictly tests when they arrived to CVL plant and they must respect several regulation about use and conservation.

Each CVL Drums product has a code inside all shells, that allow to know all their story.

When the set is delivered, it will be accompanied by a certificate of originality and warranty that contains all info about wood, finishes, dimension and optionals features.

Infact CVL Drums, during the building process, reports all working and features in a production document that has the same code you find inside the shells. Code and all features are recorded in the certificate.

Made in Italy

We are proud to produce in Italy.

Details care

Italian quality and care about details: CVL uses protection for shell, anti vibration rubbers for lugs and tension rods and take care of all minimum details.


For drums and musician: music is a value for Italy.

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